Monday, November 19, 2012

"Be the kite string."

In the face of constant social pressure to change who we are and conform, it's more important than ever for us to stand out from the crowd and make our mark, yet we have such a love affair with individuality here in the US that being told to be an individual can sometimes feel like pressure to conform. There are days when I feel like such a boring person because I'm not always able to come up with something as new and exciting as the people around me. Yet at the same time being the boring one isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes when the off the wall ideas are flying around like crazy, it's good to be the voice of reason. 
 Good ideas are kites. They sometimes have a little trouble getting off the ground, but once they get up there they wow everyone with their beauty. However the one thing every kite needs is a string. Without that string, the kite would just go soaring off who knows were. The string keeps the kite grounded. Everyone remembers the kite, but the string was just as important.

This has been a long rambling post but I guess what I'm trying to say is "Have ideas, make your mark, but don't be afraid to be boring occasionally, because we all need kite strings in out lives."

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